L’obligation de considérer les modes privés de règlement des différends: réception en droit québécois et analyse de droit comparé

À son tout premier article, le Code de procédure civile («Cpc»), entré en vigueur en janvier 2016, impose désormais aux parties de «considérer le recours aux modes privés de prévention et de règlement leur différend avant de s’adresser aux tribunaux» [1]. Cette nouvelle règle s’inscrit dans l’objectif de changement de culture juridique, qui passe par […] Read more

It’s Time to Settle How We Enforce Transnational Conciliation Agreements

Conciliation’s potential as an alternative form of transnational dispute resolution remains unrealized. Non-uniform enforcement can leave its results uncertain, limiting its attractiveness to potential users. In light of UNCITRAL’s recent efforts to enhance international conciliation’s effectiveness, this post describes the challenges facing conciliation, reports on the most recent efforts of UNCITRAL’s Dispute Settlement Working Group […] Read more

International Steel V Dynatec Madagasgar: Legitimacy Of Emergency Arbitration Acknowledged By Canadian Court Of First Instance

 As part of the ongoing international debate surrounding awards and orders coming out of emergency arbitration proceedings, the Superior Court of Ontario’s recent ruling in International Steel v Dynatec Madagasgar adds a new chapter to the story. [1] This article summarizes the new practice, reasons for its development, and its current challenges. It then discusses Justice Newbould’s recent decision and its […] Read more

Arbitration Profiles – Interview With Rocío Digón

  Arbitration Profiles explores topics in international arbitration through a series of interviews with some of its most prominent players. Every episode, we will meet with a different guest to discuss their work, their opinions on contentious issues in the field, and the most exciting trends they see shaping its future. The podcast is hosted by […] Read more

Arbitrability Of Issues Arising from Contracts For The Exploration And Extraction Of Hydrocarbons: Convenience And Needed Amendments To The Mexican Law

At the end of 2013, Mexico’s ambitious Energy Reform, core objective of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s political agenda, was passed, ending the days in which key areas of the Mexican energy sector, such as the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, were closed for the private sector. On 11 August 2014 the new Hydrocarbons Act was […] Read more

Interview With Noah Hanft: The Future Of ADR In Business

Noah Hanft is the President and CEO of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR). He previously served as General Counsel and Chief Franchise Officer for MasterCard, where he was responsible for overseeing legal and regulatory affairs, public policy and compliance. While at MasterCard, he spearheaded the successful resolution of major litigations through mediated […] Read more