Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!

Veuillez noter que les contributions de nos auteurs ne seront pas traduites.


We are pleased to present the first entry of the MJDR blog series, where updates will be posted by the MJDR editorial board regarding journal articles, MJDR news, and advancements in arbitration, negotiation, and mediation. In addition to introducing our blog series, this post invites you to explore our new website.

About our Blog Series

In pursuing our mission to bridge the worlds of ADR practice and academia, we are conscientious of the fact that the exclusive publication of peer-reviewed academic articles is insufficient. This is why each of our journal issues features at least one “Practitioner’s Commentaries”, dedicated to the publication of insightful observations made by practitioners of mediation and arbitration regarding certain aspects of their fields. It is also why the MJDR will be launching its podcast series in a few short months.

Our blog series will not only highlight certain aspects of the articles, commentaries, and podcasts that we publish, but will seek to bring to the forefront varied perspectives in ADR through printed interviews and news updates.

The MJDR blog series will also serve as a medium through which the editorial board communicates information about MJDR activity. Stay posted for more information regarding upcoming events, such as the planned launch events this coming October.

About our Website

The MJDR is committed to promoting discourse in the fields of alternative dispute resolution, which is why all of our content is available online, free of charge. The chief purpose of our website is to provide a portal from which readers may access the newest advancements and perspectives in arbitration and mediation.