About us

Our Mandate

The McGill Journal of Dispute Resolution (MJDR) is a bilingual, peer-reviewed, student-run academic journal dedicated to the presentation and promotion of high quality scholarship in the fields of arbitration, mediation, facilitation, negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.


The Journal’s mandate is to promote discourse and the exchange of ideas between prominent scholars, practitioners, law students and the public at large. The MJDR seeks to achieve its mandate through the provision of free, high quality peer reviewed scholarship from leading scholars in these fields.


MJDR and McGill

The MJDR is a product of the unique internationalism and pluralism of the Faculty of Law at McGill University. Through its unique “transsystemic” curriculum, which simultaneously exposes students to the Civil and Common legal traditions, students engage in comparative law analyses that promote a more critical understanding of the judicial system and, also, to examine international legal systems in a global context.


They are also provided with a large number of opportunities to examine alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation. This provides all students at the Faculty of Law with a strong foundation in comparative law allowing them to become cosmopolitan jurists equipped to face the complexities of transnational legal practice. Combined with a strong faculty of experts in international law and private justice, the Faculty of Law at McGill University offers the perfect venue for the creation of a leading publication in the field of alternative dispute resolution.


Our Logo

The MJDR logo depicts the Greek goddess Rhea carrying a staff adorned with a fleur de lys and holding a tome inscribed with the Greek word αρμονία (meaning harmony) astride a lion on a field of royal blue.


Rhea was selected based on her role in the Ancient Greek myth of Persephone, in which she mediated a resolution of the conflict between Hades and Demeter that allowed Persephone to spend half of the year with her mother and half with Hades. More information on the myth can be found here.


The logo also incorporates symbolism that reflects the journal’s home in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The style of the lion reflects Canada’s ties to the Crown and the Common Law, while the fleur-de-lys represents both the province of Québec and the Civil Law. This symbolism also reveals the bilingual, transnational, transsystemic nature of the MJDR.


Our Team

Volume 3 Editorial Board


Giacomo Marchisio (Editor in Chief), Dayeon Min (Managing Editor), Maria Bun* (Coordinating Editor), Andy Nagy (Media Editor), Elyse Rondeau (Executive Editor), Adrien Habermacher (Executive Editor), Quentin Montpetit (Executive Editor), Ben Jarvis (Associate Editor), Greg Sheppard (Senior Editor), Greg Morrison (Senior Editor), James Kim (Senior Editor), Elias Leon (Senior Editor), Oana Stefanescu (Senior Editor), Tyson Lowrie (Associate Editor), Jan Nitoslawski (Associate Editor), Carly Rosenfeld (Associate Editor), Trevor May (Associate Editor), Sophie Doyle (Associate Editor), Izak Rosenfeld (Associate Editor), John Lenz (Associate Editor), Matteo Natale (Associate Editor), Florida Rushani* (Associate Editor), Isabella Casciola (Associate Editor)

*Missing from the picture.


Volume 2 Editorial Board

Giacomo Marchisio (Editor in Chief), Sunny Yang (Managing Editor), Jake Heyka (Coordinating Editor), Julia Deutsch (Media Editor), Warwick Walton (Executive Editor), Dina Prokic (Executive Editor), Etienne Ravilet-Guzman (Executive Editor), Adrien Habermacher (Senior Editor), Othmann Layati (Senior Editor), Lukas Vanhonnaeker (Senior Editor), Maria Bun (Associate Editor), Peter Doherty (Associate Editor),  James Kim (Associate Editor), Greg Morrison (Associate Editor),  Andy Nagy (Graphic Designer), Elyse Rondeau (Associate Editor), Greg Sheppard (Associate Editor), Thomas van den Hoogen (Associate Editor), Izabella Karapetyan (Associate Editor), Andrés Larrea Savinovich (Associate Editor), Baya Yantren (Associate Editor), Dayeon Min (Associate Editor), Quentin Montpetit (Associate Editor), Benjamin Jarvis (Associate Editor).


Summer Editors

Colin Bourrier, Vincent Dalpé, Camille Marceau, Daniel Stysis, and Yuan Stevens (Media)

Volume 1 Editorial Board

Back Row (Left to Right): Jacob Heyka (Associate Editor), Andrew Krolides (Associate Editor), Arthur Rousseau (Associate Editor), Dina Prokić (Associate Editor), Colin Bourrier (Executive Editor), Etienne Ravilet Guzman (Senior Editor), Warwick Walton (Senior Editor), Hugo Margoc (Coordinating Editor), Giacomo Marchisio (Executive Editor)

Front Row (Left to Right): Graham MacVannel (Senior Editor), Kelsey Franks (Associate Editor), Samantha Levy (Podcast Editor), Petra Vrtkova (Executive Editor), Claudette Van Zyl (Editor in Chief), Kadriye Merve Bilgic (Senior Editor), Sunny Yang (Associate Editor), Gajan Sathananthan (Managing Editor)

Founding Members

We would like to thank the amazing people that helped create this journal, including:

Sandra Aigbinode, Stephanie Bachelet, Aideen Brennan, Ke-Jia Chong, Guillaume D’Amico, Jonathan Elston, Evita Ferreira, Maria Flores, Marco Garofalo, Aly Haji, Rana Hussein, Kristofer Lachance, Daniel Litwin, Jennifer McWhaw, Arad Mojtahedi, Jayne Olm-Shipman, Pradeepan Sarma, Lisa So, Alexander Spraggs, Anaël Tchoulfian, and Anne-Sophie Villeneuve.